No-fuss, straightforward websites

We create smart, professional websites with built-in content management (CMS) and a host of other features all at affordable prices. We use special proprietary technology to ensure consistency of 'look and feel', but we also mix in a bit of flair and imagination for results that are both practical and attractive.

Some of our clients

Peace Party Website

Peace Party

Cambridge Camerata Website

Cambridge Camerata

Demo Deli Website

Demo Deli

Chesterton Choral Society Website

Chesterton Choral Society

Content management

All our websites have built-in content management. That simply means you can keep them up to date very easily.

No special tools are needed. To change a picture, just click on an existing one, select the one you want to replace it by, and click the Upload button! Changing text is even easier — click on the text you want to change and start typing!

There's a nice easy Tutorial you can download in case you forget what to do or want to try something a bit more advanced, like inserting links, adding or removing pages, or changing the menu.

Password protection

You don't want other people altering your nice shiny website! To make sure no one else has access to the editing features you get a user name and password so only you can log in and make changes.

Your own on-line shop

Choose the e-commerce option and you get your own on-line shop! Just add your products and you're ready to go.

Built-in blog

A fully-featured blog is available, with easy control over who can make blog entries and add comments.

Email accounts under your control

Add your own email accounts and either redirect to your choice of existing addresses or access them via 'POP3'.

Replaceable movies and images

Upload your own images and movies.

Document library

Upload your own PDF and other documents and make them accessible via links on your website.

Events Diary

Add your events to a built-in events diary and have them automatically entered into a publicly-accessible anti-clash diary.

Members-only pages

Build your own member list and create password-protected 'members-only' pages.


Maintain your own mailing list and allow people to join it by clicking a link on one of your web-pages. You can create mail-groups and add attachments to your mailing list by selecting them from your document library.

Your quality guarantee

We use MySiteNow technology to build our websites. This allows you to see and evaluate your website as it is being built, so you can be sure your requirements are interpreted correctly. It guarantees that websites will be built to a professional quality standard. And it enables us to respond quickly to changes in your requirements.

Rich feature-set

MySiteNow offers a range of features that you would expect to find only in top-of-the-range websites. These include content management, sophisticated 'back-end' components with built-in database access, e-commerce, integration with online payment systems such as Paypal and Sagepay, and mailing lists with automatic mailing.

How it works

Just tell us what sort of website you need you can get an idea of what packages are available from the Options page and we'll tell you what it should cost. If you're happy with the price we'll provide the content, according to your brief, and put together the website. If it's not quite what you expected we'll make adjustments at no extra cost.

We then publish the site and you can either keep it up-to date yourself using the built-in CMS features, or if you prefer we can maintain it for you.

And you don't pay us anything until it's published.

Phone 01803 832 569

International: +44 (0) 1803 832 569

Orchestra management

Do you run an orchestra? Surprisingly, perhaps, MySiteNow even has something for you! Thanks to the help of an enterprising orchestra conductor (Peter Wadl, conductor of the Cambridge Camerata) there's a version with all the built-in features you need to fix your orchestra, arrange concerts and rehearsals, and keep in touch with your accountant.

About this website

This website was built using MySiteNow — exactly the same technology as we use to build our customers' websites.

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