Website options and prices

It can be quite hard to know what you're letting yourself in for when you decide to buy a website, so here's a list of our main options. In practice your requirements may not fit any of these options exactly, so your best bet is to check through the list and then get in touch. We can then give you a more accurate idea of what to expect.

Before we start to build your site we'll send you an outline of what we plan to do, and a contract that will include prices. As work proceeds you can check what we're doing using a special link that we'll send you, and if you think we're getting it wrong you can tell us!

Single-page starter website

This is the cheapest option and is intended for someone who needs a web presence but doesn't yet have much content to put on it. You get a domain name, a Home page and up to ten email addresses. However, all the usual CMS features that you get with our higher-priced websites are included, so you can add more pages if you feel adventurous, including members-only pages, optional mailing list, and library of downloadable documents. In fact you could create quite a sophisticated website of your own, using this option as a starting point.

Setup: £200 (includes first year's hosting, domain name and support).

Hosting, domain name and support: £110 per year.

Full support and maintenance: not available.

Simple brochure website

We call it 'simple', but it still has many top-of-the-range features. It comes with a Home page, an About Us page, an Events Diary, a Members-Only page and a Contact page. You also get up to ten email addresses, a downloadable document library, and optional mailing list, and, of course, full content management capability. You can alter the menu, add and remove pages, and all sorts of clever things, should you wish.

Setup: £300 (includes first year's hosting, domain name and support).

Basic hosting, domain name and support: £110 per year

Full support and maintenance: negotiable.

Advanced brochure website

If you do not need an e-commerce feature but do need more than a simple brochure site then the advanced brochure site may be for you. Essentially this means extra pages, some of which can be hidden (accessible via links on other pages but not displayed in the menu), extra menu options, an enquiry form, etc. It's really up to you.

The price will depend not only on the number of extra pages you require, but on how much of the content you can provide, whether you need us to source images for you, and so on.

Setup: £400 to £1,000 (includes first year's hosting, domain name and support).

Basic hosting, domain name and support: £110 per year

Full support and maintenance: negotiable.

Basic e-commerce website with shopping cart

This option gives you a simple on-line shop, with no additional pages. The front page serves both as a Home page and a Shop-window page, where you can have information about your business and links to individual shop pages. The shop itself is divided (optionally) into departments, each of which can carry its own set of products and is separately accessible from the menu.

You can add and remove products, and even departments, at will, and change the product details and illustrations. All the usual MySiteNow features are of course available: content management, document library (useful for downloadable vouchers, advertising, product details, etc.), up to ten email adresses, and a mailing list.

Setup: £350 (includes first year's hosting, domain name and support).

Basic hosting, domain name and support: £220 per year

Full support and maintenance: negotiable.

Advanced e-commerce website

For this option, think basic e-commerce site plus all the extra pages you could want. This could just be an additional dedicated Home page and Contact page, or it could also include an Events Diary, hidden pages, members pages, a resources (downloads) page, you name it. It's up to you.

Setup: £450 — £1,500 (includes first year's hosting, domain name and support).

Basic hosting, domain name and support: £220 per year

Full support and maintenance: negotiable.

Orchestra Management website

The orchestra Management option is really somewhere between a website and an 'intranet'. As well as the features of a complete brochure website you get built-in e-commerce for ticket sales, CDs, etc., and a host of features that help you, your orchestra members, and your accountant with the day-to-running of the orchestra, and event planning.

There's far too much to describe here, so if you're interested, please get in touch. We'll be happy to arrange a demo and discuss your requirements.

Setup: negotiable.

Hosting, domain name, support and maintenance: negotiable.

Additional non-contracted work

If you would like us to make a small change to your website and you do not mind when it is done we will normally charge a nominal £25 and fit it in between other tasks. If the change is more substantial or you need it by a specific time our charge is £50 an hour. We recommend that you sign up for regular maintenance as it makes it easier for us to schedule your work and in the end should save you money.

Value for money

Let's face it, you don't get anything for nothing. But you should expect good value for money, and that's what we aim to provide.

You can get exceptionally cheap, low budget — even free — websites. They are fine in their way, but they don't generally offer much in the way support, they tend to look rather amateurish, and they don't allow you to use your own domain name.

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If that's what you're looking for we suggest you try Microsoft, BT, Google,or any of the other large providers who offer free websites. You could consider MySpace. This wouldn't exactly get you a website, but it could be an acceptable alternative. Or you could try WordPress, for example, if you're looking for an effective blogging platform.

Get what you pay for...

At the other end of the scale you can pay large sums of money for high-budget corporate websites. You'll get more individualised images and corporate branding, animation, sound, and lots of support, but unless you're Tescos or some other large organisation you probably can't afford it.

We're in the middle of the scale (but hopefully not as boring as that sounds). We believe in providing high-quality websites at the lowest practical cost, that are affordable by small businesses like us.

The right site for you, at the right price...

Rather than trying to do everything as if money were no object, we create highly adaptable websites within a range of styles that, experience tells us, work. That way you get an individually designed, high-quality website but we don't have to do absolutely everything from scratch every time.

And that saves you money, without sacrificing quality!

Real Mahjong

Sometimes we do something completely different, just because we can!

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